JULY 2018


Honduras' Rich Coffee Culture is Ready to Delight International Travelers

Honduras, one the world's leading coffee exporters and home to a multitude of award-winning coffee farms, is ready to welcome travelers this upcoming fall season when perfect weather and ideal coffee harvesting conditions collide in the country's picturesque coffee regions. The Honduran Coffee Route is a journey through six identified coffee regions that allows visitors to hear the success stories of local farmers and learn about their cultivating and roasting procedures while visiting farms, training centers, and research facilities in some of the country's most beautiful destinations.

An initiative of the Honduras Institute of Coffee in collaboration with the Honduras Institute of Tourism, the Honduran Coffee Route is a must-see for coffee aficionados and travelers that are thirsty to learn more about one of the Central American country's greatest exports.

"The variety of coffee regions within our country – from sea-level to high altitudes, from rich volcanic soils to fertile, humid grounds – provides a gateway for tourists to explore the unique corners of Honduras where coffee production plays a vital role in the area's economy," said Honduras Institute of Tourism's Minister-Director Emilio Silvestri. "Our recently revamped coffee route combines coffee tastings and farm tours, adventure excursions and a variety of lodging options for international visitors to enjoy a comprehensive experience that highlights a taste of Honduran culture."

Discover Honduras' Coffee Landscape: Six Regions, Endless Flavors and Aromas

In western Honduras lies the department of Copán, home to the world-famous Maya ruins of Copán, one of the most spectacular cities of ancient Maya civilization. Considered one of the coolest coffee-producing regions in the country, it is located more than 3,280 feet above sea level and holds a wide range of humidity levels. Coffee from the Copán region boasts sweet hints of chocolate, caramel, oranges and a balanced round body.

The San Rafael coffee farm in Copán is famous for its farmstead coffee as it is never blended with coffee from other farms or producers. Beyond their exquisite seed-to-cup coffee production, San Rafael sells fine dairy products and specialty foods such as artisan cheeses. Finca Santa Alena, also in Copán, is a third-generation family farm stretching over 155 acres.

Opalaca, along with the region of Copán, are the two areas that form Honduran Western Coffee or HWC, which marks the coffee as derived from an important geographical indication highlighting its notable origin. In Opalaca, visitors will find a large variety of flavors in their cup such as tropical fruits, grapes, and berries, giving it a subtle sweetness balanced by a fine and delicate acidity. ESCAFE, the Institute of Coffee's graduate school located in the department of Santa Barbara, is only a short drive from Opalaca. There is a total of six research facilities spread across the six coffee regions, but ESCAFE specializes in five distinct programs ranging from coffee tasting training to advanced business and farm management.

Founded in 2001, the COMSA farm in Montecillos is an association of organic coffee producers based in La Paz that strives to reduce poverty and promotes sustainable economic development in the region. They pride themselves on their organic beans because they avoid the use of farm chemicals, contain additional vitamins and minerals, and are fair trade compliant – all of which is explained in detail by expert tour guides. Montecillos holds the only designation of origin seal titled Marcala, the only of its kinds in Central America, and it is managed by a regulatory entity committed to carefully choosing the highest quality beans.

Towards the country's interior lie Comayagua, El Paraiso and Agalta. At higher sea levels that reach over 5,500 feet, Comayagua and El Paraiso coffee has sweet and fruity fragrances while the coffee at Agalta is distinctly known for its chocolate and caramel undertones. The Institute of Coffee also has a research and training facility in El Paraiso that offers workshops where visitors can learn more about the coffee roasting and grinding process. There is also a "cupping lab" where students can taste coffee and spot the difference between a variety of brews.

Apart from national recognition, Honduras coffee growers have been awarded abroad thanks to the quality and taste of their crops. The Honduran grower José Abelardo Díaz Enamorado won the 2017 Ernesto Illy Coffee Awards in New York City and was recognized as the best of the best by multiple international culinary and coffee experts. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence awarded Oscar Ramirez with the 2017 Cup of Excellence award. His coffee broke the record for highest price ever earned at USD 124.50 per pound, and he now sells his beans to a renowned Japanese roaster.

Photos courtesy of Honduras Institute of Tourism.


Snapple Crowns Baseball Legend as "Flip for Flavor" Champ

Former MLB All-Star Cliff Floyd, earlier this month, was crowned Snapple's "Flip for Flavor" champion in the first-ever Snapple All-Star Bottle Flip Challenge at the recent GEICO All-Star FanFest.  Snapple – the Official Tea and Juice Drink of Major League Baseball – added its own playful pop of fruit flavor to the worldwide bottle-flipping craze by pitting Floyd against Baseball Hall of Famer and 19-time MLB All-Star Cal Ripken Jr. in a fast-paced competition to determine the most accurate flipper. Floyd accurately hit all four fruit bases on the baseball field-inspired game board and was presented with a custom designed Peach Tea Snapple bottle trophy.

"There is nothing like bringing together love for baseball and summer with the accurate fruit flavor of Snapple," said Brent Chism, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Snapple. "We are thrilled to have added our own flavor to FanFest through our new partnership with Major League Baseball and remind everyone of their right to take a flavorful break while enjoying our national pastime. Having greats like Cal and Cliff bring so much energy to our activation made this a fun and memorable moment, and we look forward to what's next."

Fans packed the Snapple Field of Dreams at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center at FanFest to witness the baseball greats test their accuracy skills by successfully landing plastic Snapple bottles upright onto the board to complete the Snapple "flavor cycle" consisting of Snapple Lemon Tea (first base), Kiwi Strawberry (second base), Mango Tea (third base), and Peach Tea (home plate).

"What a great way to celebrate baseball, Snapple's Major League Baseball partnership and the excitement we feel around the Midsummer Classic," said Floyd. "The playing days might be over but Cal and I love to compete, and we had a great time flipping those bottles. I enjoyed some great moments on the field, won a World Series, but I'm the Snapple Flip for Flavor champ and now that's in the bio!"

During a distinguished 17-year career, Floyd hit 233 home runs as an outfielder and first baseman. He was named an All-Star in 2001 with the Florida Marlins. Currently an analyst on MLB Network and SiriusXM, Floyd was a part of four Postseason teams, including the 1997 World Series champion Marlins.

A 19-time All-Star, two-time American League MVP and 1983 World Series champion, Ripken will be remembered as baseball's "Iron Man" for the 2,632 consecutive games he played for the Orioles. He compiled 3,184 hits, 431 home runs, and 1,695 runs batted in during his 21-year career, and won two Gold Glove Awards for his defense. The shortstop and third baseman, who is currently president of Ripken Baseball, Inc., entered the National Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2007.

As part of the multi-year partnership between Snapple and MLB that began with the 2018 season, Snapple is provided with marketing and activation rights across MLB special events including Spring Training, All-Star Week, the Postseason and World Series, as well as other key moments during the season. Snapple is the title sponsor of the Field of Dreams at FanFest where fans of all ages can sample various teas and juice drinks.  For more information visit www.snapple.com.


New 1850™ Brand Coffee Kicks Off its "Bold Pioneer" Contest

To celebrate modern-day pioneers and their innate hunger for innovation or altruism, 1850 Brand Coffee is partnering with Initialized Capital and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, to launch the "Bold Pioneer" idea contest—encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their bold ideas forward and allow their passions to become their purpose. 

"Coffee is fuel for so many entrepreneurs and I'm excited that Folgers decided to create the 1850 Brand specifically with this ambitious audience in mind," said Ohanian. "1850 Brand Coffee was made for bold people to help fuel original ideas and inspire new commitments and brave endeavors of today's pioneers—ultimately being an ally to the hustle of being bold. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the creative pitches through the Bold Pioneer contest and to work closely with the winning entrepreneur to take a step forward in their own pursuits."

Entrants are invited to pitch their own enterprising ideas for a chance to be selected as a finalist of the Bold Pioneer Contest and participate in a mentoring session with Ohanian. With a grand prize of $18,500, the recipient will foster an impactful idea that makes a difference among today's trailblazers. The contest is live now and will accept entries through August 28, 2018 via Instagram and Twitter with video entries using #1850BoldContest. 

"The official launch of 1850 Brand Coffee and the Bold Pioneer campaign marks our Company's most significant coffee growth initiative to date," said Tina Meyer-Hawkes, Vice President, Coffee Marketing, The J. M. Smucker Company. "Made from fire-roasted and steel-cut beans, 1850 Brand Coffee was crafted with coffee enthusiasts in mind who prefer stronger, bolder blends. Embarking on this bold new endeavor, we could not have picked a better partner than Ohanian. We're excited for him to not only be a part of this big moment for the brand, but also the journeys of today's trailblazers as an inspiration and mentor."

Later this fall, three finalists will appear in front of a panel of judges and sponsor representatives to pitch their bold ideas. Ohanian will not only judge the presentation of pitches, but also mentor the finalists to help address their unique idea challenges and make their dreams a reality. The finalists' pitches will be recorded and shared online for viewers to vote on their favorite Bold Pioneer idea, with a grand prize winner selected in December.

The Bold Pioneer initiative is supported through a full 360º marketing campaign including its new "Not Pressed for Time" ad spot. The music heard in the TV spot, Marvin Gaye's "Far Cry," came first, providing the brand an opportunity to build creative that works in concert with the tracks and establishes a distinct vibe and personality. The campaign is also supported through ongoing digital, social, PR and paid media execution, as well as a partnership with Forbes 30 Under 30.

1850 Brand Coffee is available at retailers nationwide in Ground, Whole-Bean, and K-Cup® Pods in four new blends:

• Black Gold Dark Roast, a smooth cup balanced with dark chocolatey notes and sweetness
• Trailblazer Medium-Dark Roast, with notes of strong roasted nut flavors with chocolate undertones
• Pioneer Blend Medium Roast, a bold, balanced and smooth cup with hints of roasted nuts
• Lantern Glow™ Light Roast, notes of lemongrass and jasmine tea with sweet, lemony undertones

In addition, 1850 Brand Coffee offers three Ready-to-Drink flavors:

• Sweet Cream, fire-roasted coffee balanced with sweet cream flavor
• Mocha, fire-roasted coffee with mocha flavor
• Vanilla, fire-roasted coffee balanced with creamy vanilla flavor

For more information or to learn how to submit your original idea for the 1850 Bold Pioneer contest (see rules for details), visit 1850coffee.com.



Move Over Matcha and Moringa: Argentine Yerba Mate Is the Next Super-Beverage

The National Institution of Argentine Yerba Mate is a national organization focused on promoting awareness for Argentine Yerba Mate and its growers. The Institution's vision is to bring Argentina's love for Yerba Mate to the world. It was designed to increase awareness and interest in the leaves of the Yerba Mate tree, which are native to the Misiones and Corrientes Province of Argentina. Originally championed by the Guarani, an ancient people indigenous to the South American rainforests, the history of Yerba Mate can be traced back many centuries and today the delicious and versatile drink continues to be enjoyed across the globe, with Argentina as the world's leading producer.

Argentine Yerba Mate, a tea-like drink known for its powerful antioxidants and high caffeine content, was featured at this year's Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.  The super-beverage is gaining popularity nationwide as Americans increasingly demand functional foods and beverages.

Argentine Yerba Mate's nutrient profile features essential vitamins including B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium. Yerba Mate also contains chlorogenic acid, a compound that has been proven to accelerate the body's use of stored fat – a critical process for those looking to shed some pounds.

"Yerba Mate's health benefits are unrivaled – we know its powerful antioxidants capacity to be higher than that of green tea and also has similar caffeine amounts as coffee," said Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN. Glassman continues, "Drinking Yerba Mate in the morning provides you with a mental boost and the relaxing sensation of mindful tea sipping. It's the perfect coffee swap!"

Available nationwide in specialty tea stores, select Whole Foods Markets and on Amazon.com, Argentine Yerba Mate can be consumed in a variety of fun and easy-to-make ways. Traditionally it is sipped from a gourd and bombilla, but chefs and influencers in the US are starting to use Yerba Mate in food and beverage recipes such as Iced Argentine Yerba Mate Cashew Latte and Argentine Yerba Mate Horchata.

Those looking to enjoy the benefits of Yerba Mate are encouraged to seek out brands and products authentically from Argentina where the growing conditions for the yerba mate plant are exceptionally well suited for making the best products. The country's specific aging and drying process also provides the richest flavor and best texture.

For more Argentine Yerba Mate inspiration and recipes, visit SayYestoMate.com


Cannabiniers Expands Portfolio with THC & CBD infused Craft Beers, Cold Brew Iced Teas & Coffees

Cannabiniers, a foodservice, technology & brand management company, that is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with patented, safe and natural flower-based extraction technology, has announced the expansion of its alternative beverage portfolio. Two Roots Brewing Co, the world's first line of CannaCrafted non-alcoholic THC and CBD infused craft beer, and Just Society, a line of THC and CBD infused cold brewed iced coffees and teas, both join the company's cannabis infused beverage collection. 

"The popularity of craft beer and coffee has grown across all demographics, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. We're excited by the potential for Two Roots Brewing to be the first to market, offering products infused with THC & CBD, with the ultimate goal of normalizing the consumption of cannabis-infused products, especially given the recent announcements of potential development from the former Blue Moon founders and Constellation Brands, as well as its investment in Canopy Growth," said Timothy Walters, president of Cannabiniers. "Beer, coffee and tea hold such a widely accepted and even celebrated place in society, so we are thrilled to offer a line of beverages to fit anyone's preferred beverage choice within the rapidly expanding cannabis market that have been responsibly formulated to emulate the effects of alcohol, micro-infused, onset within 5 – 10 minutes and dissipation in less than two hours."

Crafted by expert brewers and artisans, Cannabiniers has sourced the first of its manufacture and design technology to enter the United States, to create Two Roots Brewing Co. Two Roots is the only line of craft beer in the United States using this state of the art technology for de-alcoholizing beer. Brewed in California and infused with THC and CBD in Nevada and California, Two Roots initial product offering consists of five styles including Lager, Stout, New West IPA, Blonde Ale, and Wheat; with a "Tribute" style beer that tastes like cannabis to immediately follow. 

"After two years of research and development, we are thrilled to see our creations on product shelves in July. Our portfolio is continuing to expand and we are proud to be providing the highest quality products made in the USA and changing the perception of consuming cannabis and the entire industry," said Director of Product Development, Kevin Love of Cannabiniers. "We are committed to offering products that consumers are demanding and we are proud of both lines being released."

Just last year, Cannabiniers launched the world's first line of cannabis infused coffee, tea and cocoa delivered through a patented, 100 percent compostable flower-based single-brew pod, BrewBudz. Based on consumer trends and feedback from customers, Just Society is the next evolution with flavors of iced teas including: Lemon, Mango, Mint, Raspberry, and Honey; and iced coffees including: Original, Café Mocha, Salted Caramel, and French Vanilla.

This announcement coincides with Cannabiniers Series B capital raise of their multistate rollout of both Just Society and Two Roots covering a twelve state product release.  For more information about Two Roots, Just Society and other products developed by Cannabiniers, please visit: www.cannabiniers.com.


Yummiest Coffee Ice Creams

Jolene Thym has a tough job, she’s a writer for the Bay Area News Group, and recently got a rather chilly assignment:  Find the yummiest coffee ice creams.  After “scooping” (intentional journalism/ice cream pun), her findings were recently shared in The Mercury News, one of the Bay Area New Group’s papers. 

“Great coffee ice cream starts with bold, expertly brewed, high-quality coffee. The results should be creamy, rich and pleasantly sweet, with coffee as the first and last flavor on your palate. Texture is entirely negotiable, as some of the best flavored versions are grainy due to tasty coffee grounds or espresso fudge in the mix, while others are more like ice milk,” writes Thym.  Here’s a summary of her findings on best coffee ice creams and the blandest bores. Nutrition details are based on ½-cup servings.

McConnell’s Turkish Coffee
This crazy-tasty ice cream, blended with crushed espresso beans, offers powerful flavors. It’s heaven for picky drinkers, who want only the very best cup of coffee. Those sensitive to caffeine should resist this as an evening treat. 260 calories, 19 g fat, 18 g protein. $7.99 a pint at Raley’s. (4 stars)

Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!
Chunks of grainy espresso-bean fudge tucked into rich, velvety coffee ice cream makes for an impressive double-punch of flavor. 250 calories, 16 g fat, 24 g sugar. $4.99 for a pint at Safeway. (4 stars)

Tillamook Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream
Fans of ultra-creamy ice creams will fall for this luxurious, bold coffee version. This is a great pick for an elegant dessert. 210 calories, 14 g fat, 19 g sugar. $5.19 (on sale for $3.50) for 15.5 ounces at Raley’s. (4 stars)

Three Twins Milk Coffee
Huge coffee flavor and the light, fresh texture of ice milk make this an irresistible spoonful. 200 calories, 13 g fat, 17 g sugar. $4.99 for a pint at Safeway. (3½ stars)

Vice Cream Higher Grounds
This decadent bite is highlighted by crispy cookie bits and a swirl of mocha fudge. The coffee flavor is pleasant, if a bit overshadowed by the chocolate. 280 calories, 14 g fat, 24 g sugar. $5.49 for a pint at Safeway. (3 stars)

So Delicious Cold Brew Coffee
Thumbs-up for minimal sugar and fresh, bold coffee flavor in this coconut milk-based treat, but this ice cream is definitely a coconut-coffee flavor experience. 150 calories, 8 g fat, 15 g sugar. $6.49 per pint at Whole Foods. (3 stars)

O Organics Mochaccino
Great coffee flavor and a pleasant level of sweetness yield tasty results, although the coffee bean bits are too big and chewy. 210 calories, 13 g fat, 19 g sugar. $4.99 for a pint at Safeway. (2½ stars)

New Barn Organic AlmondCreme Organic Coffee Bean
Those who can’t have cow’s milk may enjoy this deep brown mix with coffee bean flecks, but the almond flavor quashes the coffee. 170 calories, 7 g fat, 15 g sugar. $6.99 for 14 ounces at Safeway. (1½ stars)

Humphry Slocombe Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee
Those who don’t care much for coffee should opt for this chicory-root version. The ultra-fresh cream is a win, but it doesn’t taste like coffee. 170 calories, 10 g fat, 17 g sugar. $8.99 for a pint at Whole Foods. (1½ stars)

Safeway Signature Reserve Colombian Cold Brew Caramel
This icy, uber-sweet mix has the bitter finish found in black coffee, but it lacks the nutty note of well made, good-quality coffee.  220 calories, 16 g fat, 26 g sugar. $4.99 for 14 ounces. (1½ stars)

Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream
Coffee is clearly an afterthought here. It’s certainly edible, but ultimately disappointing with barely-detectible coffee flavor. 240 calories, 16 g fat, 20 g sugar. $4.99 for 14 ounces at Whole Foods. (1 star)

Straus Family Creamery Organic Coffee
Made with decaf coffee, this extremely creamy, marshmallow-like mix has a fruity note, but it fails to deliver more than a hint of coffee flavor. 240 calories, 15 g fat, 19 g sugar. $5.19 for a pint at Raley’s. (1 star)

Source:  The Mercury News