Virtual Events: At Home Tastings

Let’s face it, the pandemic and its restrictions have had a huge impact on all of our lives in so many ways.  While we continue to comply with stay-at-home recommendations from the health authorities, we’re all probably a little bored, maybe we’re a little bit lonely, and we’ve probably exhausted our watch list on our favorite streaming service.  Virtual events offer education and entertainment, yes, but they offer so much more—safety, a great value, product samples shipped to your home, expert instruction, and social interaction with like-minded enthusiasts.

Here are some upcoming can’t-be-missed virtual events that offer expert guidance, samples delivered to your home, and an interactive experience with fellow coffee and tea lovers.  Please keep in mind that due to their popularity, virtual events often sell out fast, so you’ll want to act quickly if you find one to your liking.  They also make a great gift!

Rise Brewing Co Virtual Event

RISE: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Tutored-Tasting Event
February 21, 2021

What is nitro cold brew coffee? How is it made? Why does it taste so darn delicious? In this one-hour online event, join Jarrett McGovern, co-founder of Rise Nitro Brewing Co. for a virtual tutored-tasting of four different nitro cold brew coffees. You’ll receive a Variety Pack (12 cans, four flavors, three cans of each) shipped to your home. Serves 4+.

Chai Virtual Event

CHAI: A Virtual Tasting Special Event
March 7, 2021

In this virtual class you’ll learn about the history of chai, its cultural significance, its consumption in ancient and modern times, and instruction on brewing and tasting chai. Tasting includes 4 teas (assam tea plus three custom chai blends) and will conclude with an interactive experience where you will receive instruction on how to build an excellent cup of chai from scratch from your kitchen spice rack. Serves 2.

Irish Tea Virtual Event

IRISH TEA HISTORY: A Virtual Tasting Special Event
March 14, 2021

Timed perfectly as a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you’ll learn about tea's introduction to Ireland, its historical impact, and its rich culture of hospitality while you brew and enjoy freshly-brewed Organic Irish Breakfast Tea and nosh on traditional, freshly-baked Irish soda bread & Kerrygold pure Irish butter, all included with your ticket and all delivered to your home. This virtual event is perfectly suited to serve 4 people.

Tea & Wellness Virtual Event

TEA & WELLNESS: A Virtual Tasting Special Event
April 18, 2021

In this 90-minute virtual Tea & Wellness event, you’ll be led through a guided, tutored-tasting of four teas/tisanes while you learn about their amazing health benefits.  A tea tasting kit, including the four teas/tisanes to be brewed together as part of this seminar, is included and shipped to your home. Serves 4.

Afternoon Tea Virtual Event

AFTERNOON TEA: A Virtual Tasting Special Event
May 16, 2021

Educational, entertaining, and oh-so-delicious, this 90-minute virtual event will instruct you on how to enjoy and host a fabulous afternoon tea. Relax and learn about the history of afternoon tea, its various courses and how to enjoy them, plus tips on how to host your own afternoon tea. This event includes an afternoon tea tasting kit complete with tea, sweet treats, and jam delivered to your home. Serves 4.


The Pioneer Woman Partners with Zavida Coffee Roasters to Launch New Coffee Line

The Pioneer Woman®, represented by Earthbound Brands, recently announced that they have partnered with a leading producer of coffee, Zavida Coffee Roasters, to provide customers across the country with a new, premium coffee line.The Pioneer Woman

Zavida Coffee Roasters, a producer of gourmet coffee for over 40 years, has partnered with Ree Drummond, known as The Pioneer Woman.

"Mornings come very early on our ranch," Drummond said. "Coffee is one of my favorite things about rising and shining, and I love to sip it all day. My coffee line with Zavida Coffee Roasters includes both high-quality coffee beans and single-serve cups in both flavored and non-flavored blends that I think you will absolutely love!"

The Pioneer Woman® line includes premium ground coffee beans and single-serve cups featuring three non-flavored blends: Up & At 'Em (Breakfast Roast), Saddle Up (Medium Roast), and Giddy Up (Dark Roast).

The line also includes a range of flavored blends, carefully developed by Drummond, and inspired by her popular recipes. Flavored blends include:

Hazelnut Vanilla: This coffee blend celebrates all things hazelnut with added vanilla flavor.

Cinnamon Rolls: Inspired by Ree's mom's legendary cinnamon roll recipe.

Toffee Crème Brûlee: This indulgent blend celebrates Ree's favorite dessert: Crème Brûlée.

Caramel Fudge Brownie: Ree loves layered caramel fudge brownies so much, it inspired this blend.

Pecan Pie: Pecan pie is the ultimate dessert in the Drummond family. This coffee blend is like pecan pie in a cup, with the same custardy goodness you'd expect.

French Vanilla: A cup of French vanilla coffee is hard to beat, and it's a staple in Ree's coffee rotation.

Pumpkin Spice: The pumpkin spice flavors are amped up in this seasonal blend, and just a sip makes you feel happy.

Spicy Cowgirl (Coming Soon): Ree's sigPioneer Woman Productnature spicy coffee drink made with notes of chocolate, cinnamon, chile, and cayenne now turned into beans to enjoy at home.

"At Zavida, we're all about great tasting coffee – and we're excited to bring our passion for combining the world's best coffees with unique flavors to the Pioneer Woman brand. Our team crafted these blends to be enjoyed both hot and cold-brewed, so Ree's fans can indulge in her favorite treats one steamy (or iced) cup at a time," said Charles Litterst, Chairman at Zavida Coffee Roasters.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Zavida Coffee Roasters to bring The Pioneer Woman Coffee to retailers nationwide," said Jeffrey Cohen, co-chairman at Earthbound. "This partnership marks the continued expansion in an important category for the brand, food, to bring the most popular flavors from Ree's recipes into her fans' homes."

The Pioneer Woman coffee single serve cups are currently available for purchase online on Walmart.com, Amazon.com and Zavida.com. A 24-count box sells for $14.95. Ground beans will be available for purchase in late Spring 2021. The coffee line will be at retailers nationwide later this year.




First-Ever Canned Nitro Earl Grey Tea Oat Milk Latte

Tea lovers rejoice!  RISE Brewing Co., the nitro cold brew coffee company, continues to expand their product offering with the introduction of London Fog, the first-eRise Brewing Co Teaver canned Nitro Earl Grey Tea Oat Milk Latte. Combining the comforting flavor of Earl Grey tea with the deliciously smooth taste of a nitrogen-infused latte, London Fog is the ideal combination for coffee and tea lovers alike.

Building upon their brewing capabilities, the London Fog Nitro Earl Grey Tea Oat Milk Latte is the RISE Brewing Co.’s first tea product, which is a new category for the brand. 

“Early on we knew that while nitro cold brew coffee would always be the core focus of our brand, we didn’t want to limit ourselves in terms of the products that we could create, hence the ‘RISE Brewing Co.’ brand name,’ said Grant Gyesky, co-founder and chief executive officer, RISE Brewing Co. According to the team, the decision to experiment with tea was an organic one. “While the majority of the RISE team is fueled by nitro cold brew, a number of team members are big tea drinkers, so when it came time to develop a new product it only felt natural to incorporate this tried-and-true tea blend,” said Melissa Kalimov, chief operating officer, RISE Brewing Co.

A smooth, creamy nitrogen-infused oat milk latte with black tea, RISE Brewing Co.’s London Fog celebrates the slightly sweet flavors of organic Bergamot oranges. Like the rest of their product line, the London Fog Nitro Earl Grey Tea Oat Milk Latte is USDA Organic.

RISE Brewing Co.’s London Fog flavor is sold as singles, 4packs and 12packs.  The packaging, a reflection of the blue and gray tones of the European city for which it is named, the London Fog can design features a clock reminiscent of Big Ben, set to 4:15 p.m. - the exact time when RISE delivered their first very keg. For more info: www.risebrewingco.com


Fire Department Coffee

Fire Department Coffee Photo

Launched in 2016, Fire Department Coffee is veteran-owned and run by firefighters with the mission to make great coffee and an even greater mission to support our nation's heroes in need. Ten percent of the net proceeds goes to help first responders who are injured on the job, mentally or physically, or who are facing other serious health challenges.

Fire Department Coffee features a wide variety of freshly roasted coffee including The Original Medium Roast, Light Roast, Dark Roast, Donut Shop, Backdraft Espresso and a Spirit-Infused line with Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Irish Whiskey infused coffees.

Fire Department Coffee announced earlier this month their plans to unveil a series of new Spirit Infused Coffees throughout the year, adding to its signature collection of specialty roasts that feature the subtle flavor of top-shelf spirits.

The first seasonal blend is Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee, available soon in a limited release. Vanilla Bean Bourbon Coffee has been impeccably crafted to capture the essence of rich vanilla bean and premium aged bourbon. It delivers a smooth, unique taste and a distinct bourbon aroma.

The veteran-owned, firefighter-run company will introduce three additional Spirit-Infused blends in 2021, each selected to accent the season and add unique flavor to the coffee drinking experience. The new line of Spirit-Infused Coffee follows the success of the company's recent, limited-edition Black Cherry Bourbon Coffee.

Fire Department Coffee Product

Spirit-Infused Coffee, as well as Fire Department Coffee's other popular roasts, can be ordered online at FireDeptCoffee.com. Each bag is handcrafted and freshly roasted to order.

"The response to our Spirit Infused Coffee has been amazing," said Luke Schneider, founder of Fire Department Coffee. "We're really excited about the lineup that we'll unveil throughout the year, and Vanilla Bean Bourbon Coffee is the perfect way to kick off 2021."

Throughout the year, Fire Dept. Coffee will introduce even more limited-edition blends that combine the best spirits with flavors that perfectly match the season. Savor the juicy and tart Blackberry Bourbon Infused Coffee on the first warm day of spring. Sit on your front porch, drinking a light, fresh Peach Bourbon Infused roast on a summer Sunday morning. And indulge in a smooth and sweet Salted Caramel Spirit Infused Coffee while throwing another log on the fire.

Fire Department Coffee was the first to bring Spirit-Infused Coffee to the market, and it remains the industry leader because it has perfected its signature infusion process to combine the deep flavor and rich aroma of the spirits, resulting in a smooth, subtle roast.

Fire Department Coffee's nonalcoholic, Spirit-Infused Coffee features top-shelf spirits available in Bourbon, Rum, Tequila and Irish Whiskey.  www.FireDeptCoffee.com


5 Teas to Help You Sleep

According to results from the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America 2020 survey, general stress levels are significantly above average compared to years past. In fact, this year’s respondents reported the highest average stress levels since the survey was first launched in 2007 – 5.4 out of 10, an increase of 0.5 since last year. These figures can largely be attributed to COVID-19 and its implications on finances, parenting, and other aspects of daily life.5 Teas to Help You Sleep

The SleepFoundation.org reports that 2020 has been a stressful year for people in the U.S. Stress and anxiety often lead to insomnia and sleep problems. By the same token, lack of proper rest can contribute to stress. And because stress and sleep problems share such a reciprocal relationship, addressing one of these issues can often lead to improvements for the other.

Trouble falling asleep isn’t uncommon, especially during times of increased stress. Bedtime teas blend specific herbs to help you defeat insomnia naturally, so they make a great option if you prefer to avoid medicinal sleep aids.

Here are 5 Teas to Help You Sleep Better:

SLEEP from Harney & Sons:  Drift off to blissful rest with this premium hemp-powered infusion. A delightfully dreamy blend of holy basil, moringa, and coconut, Sleep tea features 25 MG of CBD-rich hemp extract, plus hemp flowers, leaves, goji berries, and a hint of spiced nutmeg.  www.harney.com

40 WINKS from Adagio Teas:  Using a blend of herbs known to promote healthy sleep, 40 Winks will round out your day and carry you into the sweetest of dreams. Adagio combined valerian root, which is commonly used as a sleep aid, with the familiar flavors of soothing chamomile, spearmint, and lavender. One cup before bed makes for an ideal way to unwind and lull yourself into a deep slumber. www.adagio.com

GET SOME ZZZ’s from Republic of Tea:  Say goodnight to tossing and turning. Steep a pot of this caffeine-free herbal blend and breathe a sigh of sweet relief as the bouquet of organic rooibos, soothing chamomile, passionflower and the mellowing properties of valerian gently lulls you toward blissful sleep. www.republicoftea.com

VALERIAN NIGHTS from David’s Tea:  Relax and unwind with a scrumptious caffeine-free infusion of rich caramel and creamy coconut. It’s sweet. It’s decadent. And it’ll have you pajama-ready thanks to its calming base of valerian root – one of nature’s most popular sleepytime ingredients. www.davidstea.com

SLEEPYTIME HONEY from Celestial Seasonings:  Just the right amount of honey flavor, aroma and sweetness joins the time-honored Sleepytime® blend of chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass to create this calming brew. www.celestialseasonings.com


Chobani Launches New Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew Coffees

Chobani, maker of Greek yogurts, oat milks, probiotic drinks, and dairy & plant-based creamers, is launching Chobani™ Coffee, ready-to-drink coffees that are crafted with single origin cold brew and feature Chobani's oat milks and dairy creamers.

Chobani Cold Brew

"Nutrient dense Greek yogurt and coffee have long been a perfect pair, fueling our lives throughout the day," said Peter McGuinness, President and COO of Chobani. "Chobani™ Coffee is crafted from single origin 100% Arabica beans, geared for the passionate coffee drinker looking for cold-press brews who love the added taste of creamers made from farm fresh milk and oat milk."Chobani Cold Brew

The new Chobani™ Coffee addresses the large and growing $1.6 billion ready-to-drink coffee category, which has grown 17% year-over-year[1]. Starting in January, Chobani will offer consumers four new Chobani™ Coffee flavors: Cold Brew Pure Black (no sugar, no dairy); Cold Brew with Sweet Creamer and Cold Brew with Vanilla (each made from farm-fresh milk); and Cold Brew with Oatmilk (made with gluten-free oats).

Throughout 2020, Chobani successfully introduced products in three new categories, adding an oat milk platform, plant-based and dairy creamers, and functional wellness drinks. Chobani also continued to invest and innovate in the yogurt aisle, where the company reported growth of nearly 12% in 2020 from a year ago[2]. As a modern food company, Chobani believes in nonstop innovation that results in nutritious food, accessible to everyone, while supporting and caring for its people and communities near and far. 

Across the platform, Chobani™ Coffee is authentically crafted and made with only natural ingredients, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no preservatives. The oat milk and creamers in the cold brews are inspired by the company's existing Chobani® Oat and Chobani® Coffee Creamer platforms. Chobani™ Coffee provides the caffeine equivalent to a standard cup of coffee, each containing about 85mg of caffeine per serving[3].

Available nationwide at grocery and retail stores, the suggested retail price for Chobani™ Coffee will be $4.49 per 32oz multi-serve or 2/$7 on promotion. The cold brew coffees are made with Tetra Top packaging, making them widely recyclable across the U.S.  For more information about all Chobani products, please visit www.chobani.com.

[1]Source: Nielsen U.S. xAOC, Latest 52-Weeks Ending 10/31/20
[2] Source: Nielsen U.S. Food, Building Calendar Year week ending 12/26/20
[3] Chobani™ Coffee Cold Brew with Creamer and Oatmilk contain 85mg of caffeine per serving, Cold Brew Pure Black contains 125mg; an 8 fl oz cup of coffee contains about 90mg.