Vietnamese Coffee — Perfectly Portable

Morning coffee is a ritual, something taken very seriously by many of us.  We love the warmth and comfort it brings to an ordinary morning and we love the afternoon kick it can provide on the laziest, the craziest of days.  It seems logical then, that we would want to have this moment of joy wherever we go, whenever we want.  Thanks to Cooper Cow Coffee, now we can.

A women-owned business, sustainably sourced, biodegradable, compostable, and all-natural, Copper Cow Coffee is a portable pour over Vietnamese coffee with zero gadgetry. Just place over any cup and add hot water for a fresh brew anywhere, at any time.

Copper Cow Coffee blends the uniquely rich flavors from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, with the sweetness of creamy California milk for those with an on-the-go lifestyle or pleasure seekers who enjoy great coffee.

After the success launching Copper Cow Coffee’s parent company, Wei Pantry (now carried in Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca, and other specialty retailers), Debbie Wei Mullin set out to elevate one of her family’s favorite past times: Vietnamese coffee. In 2016, she traveled to her mother’s hometown Saigon, Vietnam in search of all natural, socially sustainable, specialty Vietnamese coffee. 

Building off her network from MIT & her former career at the World Bank in Asia, Debbie found amazing people revolutionizing sustainable agricultural in Vietnam, and discovered the innovative brewing technique of Cooper Cow Coffee’s  signature single serving pour over bags.

The portable pour over makes a fresh cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.  The method is simple.   Pour hot water over freshly ground Vietnamese coffee, conveniently pre-packed in portable filters. Stir in your single serving of Milk + Sugar, and enjoy a cup of delectable Vietnamese Coffee. 

To learn more or make a purchase, visit www.coppercowcoffee.com


Winter Survival Guide: 5 Cozy Winter Reads (and Teas to Match!)

"Winter is the best time of year to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage and a good book," writes Monica Burke at Verily Magazine.  Yet sometimes we need a little guidance, not just on our next read, but a perfectly paired tea to enjoy with it. 

Burke has cleverly coupled five of her favorite books and teas, which we're delighted to share with readers of the Coffee and Tea Newsletter:  “I have a recommended reading list a mile long and more kinds of tea than I can count, sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to begin,” said Burke.

To make your search easier, Burke has compiled a list of five cozy reads for the colder months—each paired with an equally cozy tea. “I hope these suggestions will inspire you to enjoy a lovely night in,” added Burke.  

1. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis) + English Breakfast

It is always winter and never Christmas in Narnia, a magical land where animals talk and all are subject to Aslan, the great and powerful lion. In order to free Narnia from the curse of the White Witch, the four Pevensie siblings must leave England behind and do their part to fulfill the prophecy that promises peace and prosperity. This tale makes for an excellent seasonal read, complete with wintry teatime with Mr. Tumnus the faun and a visit from Father Christmas.

To accompany the book, you can’t go wrong with a cup of English Breakfast tea, a hearty and traditional black tea that will transport you to the Pevensies’ native land. I enjoy mine with a splash of milk and one cube of sugar. Just about every brand of tea produces this classic blend, so go with your favorite!

2. The Enchanted Sonata (Heather Dixon Wallwork) + Peppermint

I love The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.” I think the music is one of the most magical parts of the Christmas season. So imagine my delight when Heather Dixon Wallwork released a novel last fall that re-tells this classic tale!

Clara Stahlbaum is an accomplished pianist who is all set to marry the famous musician, Johann Kahler, although he may not know it yet… or know her yet, for that matter. Clara’s plans to impress Johann at the holiday concert are interrupted when she receives a mysterious gift on Christmas Eve. Soon she is whisked away to Imperia, a far-off country where the children have been turned into toys and the soldiers into wooden nutcrackers. It is up to Clara and Nikolai, the emperor-to-be in disguise, to save Imperia before Clara misses her concert and Nikolai is stuck as a giant nutcracker forever.

I highly recommend pairing this fairytale with peppermint tea, which will remind you of the famous “nevermints” produced by Polichinelle’s Candy Emporium, the most famous candy store in Imperia.

3. Emma (Jane Austen) + Irish Breakfast

The young and beautiful Emma Woodhouse is so busy trying to make matches for her friends that she hardly pays any attention to her own heart. Emma is nosy, opinionated, and snobbish—in fact, Jane Austen predicted no one but the author herself would much like her. Yet you can’t help but root for Emma as she comes to see the error of her ways and the real object of her heart.

A dash of Irish intrigue makes Irish Breakfast the perfect tea to sip while reading Emma.The eponymous heroine occasionally tries to spite the beautiful Jane Fairfax, who happens to be Emma’s superior when it comes to feminine accomplishments, by bringing up Mr. Dixon, the husband of Jane’s particular friend. The Dixons are traveling in Ireland—and Emma thinks Jane declined to join them because she secretly has feelings for Mr. Dixon. I expect that Emma might indulge in a cup of Irish breakfast tea to see how Jane might react.

4. An Old-Fashioned Girl (Louisa May Alcott) + Chamomile

Little Polly Milton is sent to spend her vacation with Fanny Shaw and her family. She soon finds herself overwhelmed by the fashionable urban life of the Shaws and withstands a lot of teasing from Fanny’s younger brother, Tom. Eventually, Polly wins them over with her kindness and becomes a family favorite. As she continues to make visits over the years, Polly’s old-fashioned customs are pushed aside for the metropolitan way of doing things. But when times become tough for the Shaws, Polly is there to guide them to what really matters in life.

This novel is so heartwarming—and, lucky for you, in the public domain, so you can download it for free wherever you get your eBooks. You will love the scene where Polly joins all the boys to go sledding—it brings back memories of how exciting snow was as a child!

I recommend pairing this story with a hot cup of chamomile and a spot of honey. I am partial to “sleepy time” chamomile myself—I love any blend that includes lavender!

5. A Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett) + Chai

Young Sara Crewe is used to a life of luxury—but then, her father tragically passes away, and Sara is sent to work at a boarding school without a penny to live on. Despite her troubles, Sara is generous and kind—the real marks of royalty.

Sara befriends many people due to her kindness, including Ram Dass, Mr. Carrisford’s Indian assistant, and his pet monkey. I recommend pairing this book with chai, a spicy and delicious Indian tea. You can stick with a straightforward cuppa, or you can try a chai latte. However you take it, this blend is a great way to warm up in the winter months.


Coffee mate® Makes Coffee Dreams Come True

New Coffee mate SNICKERS® and Dove® Dark Chocolate Almond Flavored Creamer Make Morning Coffee A Treat

Move over salted caramel, peppermint and gingerbread, Coffee mate SNICKERS and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond flavored creamers are a new, buzzworthy way to make a morning coffee treat. With fan-favorite flavors from the candy aisle, anyone can be their own barista and whip up a delicious coffee creation. Both Coffee mate SNICKERS and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond flavored creamers craft a tasty coffee drink — at home or at the office — and offer freedom from the chaos at the coffee shop.

"The new Coffee mate SNICKERS and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond flavored creamers bring two things people love together — coffee and candy — to make morning coffee anything but the mundane," says Jason Merideth, Marketing Director for Coffee mate. "Coffee mate is constantly focused on delivering innovative flavors that turn the coffee you like into coffee you love, and we've been thrilled to see rave reviews and excitement for these new flavors."


  • Coffee mate SNICKERS flavored creamer – A chocolate creamer with notes of peanut and caramel pays homage to one of America's favorite chocolate bars while delivering the delicious, creamy flavor that Coffee mate® is known for.
  • Coffee mate Dove Dark Chocolate Almond creamer – The silky smooth sweetness of dark chocolate creamer combined with the delicious taste of almond will transform coffee into a pleasure full cup, appropriate for any time of day.

Coffee mate SNICKERS and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond flavored creamers are now available at grocery retailers nationwide in 32 oz. bottles for a suggested retail price of $3.59. They can be found in the refrigerated aisle.

For more information on new Coffee mate products, please visit Coffeemate.com.


Love In Every Cup!

Here’s a fantastic Valentine's Day solution for the tea lover in your life - the Love Petals set from Adagio Teas.  Nothing says “I Love You” to a tea lover like a thoughtful (and delicious) gift of tea and the folks at Adagio Teas put together a great special collection of tea for the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day.

Three exclusive blends, packaged loose in festive floral tins in a ready-to-present gift box, sure to delight the recipient. Each tin holds enough tea to make 50 cups of tea, ensuring your sweetheart will remain yours, at least for the rest of the winter.

Hugs And Kisses

Blended with their South African rooibos and a delightful fusion of caramel, almond and vanilla it delivers the tea version of snuggle time. Red rose petals and blue cornflowers symbolize x's and o's. Vanilla, lavishly sprinkled with flower petal inclusions.  Blended with rooibos tea, rose petals, blue cornflowers, natural almond flavor, natural caramel flavor, natural creme flavor & natural vanilla flavor.

Ripe For Romance

Romance starts with the perfect combination of elements. The sultry flavors of raspberry and chocolate meld together with black tea in this amorous blend.  Aphrodisiac? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely!  Blended with black tea, cocoa nibs, raspberries, raspberry leaves, natural raspberry flavor & natural chocolate flavor.

Sweet Nothings

Sweet apricots, peach, lavender and white tea entangle themselves for a delicate fruit and floral tryst. Quietly pleasing, like softly whispered confessions of admiration that keep you wanting more.  Blended with white tea, marigold flowers, lavender flowers, natural peach flavor & apricots.


At $29 this is a great deal.  Tins are also available individually (prices vary).  Learn more and/or make a purchase at www.adagio.com


Coffee Filter: 8 Practical and Alternative Uses

It was over 100 years ago, in the summer of 1908, that a German housewife named Melitta Bentz created the first paper coffee filter.  She wanted to remove the bitter taste she associated with boiling loose grounds and find an alternative to the popular method of using linen to brew coffee.  She thought that if she could pour boiling water over the grounds, but filter them out, the bitterness would be reduced.

The story tells of her ingenuity as she punctured holes in the bottom of a brass pot, lined it with blotting paper taken from the school books of her two sons, and thus created, in principle, the first coffee filter.  The Imperial Patent Office in Berlin issued a patent to protect the invention as a utility model, and after some fine-tuning, in 1912 her now famous family started producing paper filters, and later, filter bags. 

Now, more than a century later, the idea born from the vision of Melitta Bentz has morphed into a product still in use today.  The company, Melitta, is now run by her grandchildren and markets coffee, filters, and machines branded with her name.

8 Great Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters:

  • Strain wine from a bottle containing a broken cork—Put a filter over a carafe or decanter and pour the wine through the filter.  The filter will trap any pieces of cork that were floating in the bottle.
  • Use as splatter guard—when heating up food in microwave.
  • Chip-free fine china—Use coffee filters placed between the plates and cups when you stack your good china dishes to protect them from chips and scratches.
  • Prevent soil from draining from flowerpots—For planting or repotting, put a coffee filter at the bottom over the drainage hole, then, add the soil.  This will prevent the soil from spilling from the bottom of the pot, but permits proper water drainage.
  • Steep Loose Leaf Tea—in a bind, make your own tea bag!
  • Snack Cups—dole out snacks, keeping portions in control
  • Keep your kids clean when eating ice pops—Simply slide the wooden stick of a child’s favorite ice pop through a coffee filter and you’ll have happy and sticky-free kids!
  • Clean windows and glass—Use coffee filters as an emergency substitute for paper towels.  They leave no lint or residue and can fit on your hand like a mitt.


ITO EN Launches Milk Teas

ITO EN is an innovative beverage industry leader dedicated to creating authentic products that embody the company’s five principles of natural, healthy, safe, well-designed and delicious. ITO EN is specifically known as a global leader in green tea, with award-winning brands including TEAS’ TEA, Oi Ocha, ITO EN Shots and matcha LOVE.

Earlier this month at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, ITO EN North America launched two new ready-to-drink teas, Matcha Milk Tea and Black Milk Tea.

Milk teas have been a longtime favorite in Japan for their latte-like tastes and on-the-go convenience. The new milk teas will be available in two refreshing flavors: Matcha Milk Tea made with 100 percent Japanese matcha, the finely milled powdered whole leaf green tea, and Black Milk Tea made with Sri Lankan black tea leaves. Packaged in playful cow patterned bottles with Japanese Kanji characters, the new milk teas are brewed with real tea and made with all natural ingredients. With the growing trend of tea drinkers, the Milk Teas will be an added addition to Ito En’s tea offerings.

“It’s the perfect café like experience in a bottle,” says Rona Tison, executive vice president of corporate relations. “We put our tea expertise to work by balancing the taste of tea with a subtlety sweet creamy taste. Refreshing and easy, it can be enjoyed any time of the day without the fuss of being a barista or brewing your own tea.”

The new milk teas are packaged in BPA-free 11.8 fl. oz. PETE bottles with 140 calories (matcha) and 150 (black) calories per bottle, both sweetened with cane sugar. The teas will be available in specialty and grocery channels for $2.49 per bottle.  www.itoen.com