The Republic of Tea Debuts Three Limited-Edition Downton Abbey® Movie Teas

The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas and herbs, recently announced their plans to introduce three Limited Edition Downton Abbey® Movie Teas in celebration of the highly anticipated Downton Abbey film by Focus Features, hitting theaters on September 20, 2019. The Republic of Tea’s existing beloved Downton Abbey Tea collection, which now encompasses 13 teas, has also been refreshed with elevated new packaging and label designs.

The new blends commemorating the movie – Lord & Lady Grantham’s Tea, Violet & Mary’s Tea and The Bates’ Tea – are inspired by the award-winning TV series’ characters, bringing to life the drama, relationships and intriguing personalities of the Crawley household.

Lord & Lady Grantham’s Tea

The combination of traditional black tea and rich, fragrant spices makes a tea that is fit for royalty. Steep a pot and fill your house, manor or castle with the warm aromas of sweet cinnamon and cloves to welcome your most esteemed guests. $12.50/36 bag tin

Violet & Mary’s Tea

Life has its ups and downs, but you can always count on a good cup of tea. Ginger, orange bergamot mint and lemon thyme mingle in this strong-willed cup. Pull on the long gloves and take a sip of this sophisticated herbal tea that will soften even the sharpest of tongues. $12.50/36 bag tin

The Bates’ Tea

The traditional flavors of plum pudding – baked fruit and spices – are married with the virtuous flavor of vanilla in a fine black tea base. This heartfelt cup is perfect for high tea and is equally delicious paired with a hearty sandwich or sweet biscuits.  $12.50/36 bag tin



We are giving away one 3-tin set of these new Downton Abbey Teas from The Republic of Tea to a lucky newsletter reader.  No purchase necessary.  One winner will be selected at random from all entries on the day of the movie’s release, Friday, September 20, 2019. No purchase necessary.  Valid in the U.S. only.  Winners will be notified by email and will be required to supply mailing address for shipment.

The new Downton Abbey Movie teas will be available for a limited time at and specialty retailers across the country. Each tin holds 36 round, gluten-free, unbleached tea bags free of tags, strings and staples.

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The new teas join the already popular collection, including Downton Abbey English Rose, Grantham Breakfast Blend, Downton Estate, Butler’s Pantry, Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding, Lady Cora’s Evening, Bates’ Brambleberry, Afternoon Garden, Crawley Sisters, and Downton Christmas teas.

The award-winning TV series, Downton Abbey, has entranced millions of viewers and become a modern media sensation. Every episode is an explosion of drama, relationships and intrigue. Downton Abbey is home to the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. From the pen of Academy Award® winner Julian Fellowes, Downton Abbey is the most watched drama ever on PBS.

For more information on The Republic of Tea’s premium tea and herbs, visit, and stay up to date with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Would You Name Your Kid ‘Pumpkin Spice’? 35% Say Yes, Survey Says!

The vast majority of Americans love pumpkin spice so much that they'd be willing to sign a petition to allow the flavor to be available throughout the year, according to a new survey.

Seventy-nine percent would be willing to add their name to the list, all to ensure one of their favorite fall flavors continues through the rest of the seasons.

But even without a petition, some people can't hide their obsession with pumpkin spice. The survey of 2,000 Americans found that, of those who enjoy pumpkin spice treats, 41 percent say they’d give up carbs to get pumpkin spice coffee for life.

Additionally, it turns out Americans would rather give up alcohol, chocolate and their cell phone before giving up pumpkin spice coffee. Forty-one percent said they’d give up alcohol and 28 percent would be willing to sacrifice chocolate.

Conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® brand team, the study examined Americans’ fall habits and behaviors and found 80 percent are on the pumpkin spice bandwagon.

Of those who plan on having something pumpkin spice-flavored this fall, results uncovered that 41 percent would stand in line at the DMV once a month for the rest of their lives if it meant they’d get pumpkin spice coffee for life.

Some Americans are willing to go to some extremes in the name of pumpkin spice. Of pumpkin-spice enthusiasts, two in five would take a red-eye flight once a week just to have pumpkin spice coffee for life.

While a further 35 percent of those who plan on enjoying something pumpkin spice-flavored say they would name their child “Pumpkin Spice” if it meant being able to have pumpkin spice coffee for life.
But that’s not all that people who love the pumpkin spice flavor are willing to do to ensure they have pumpkin spice coffee for life. Of those drinking the fall treat, three in 10 reveal they would sit in traffic for two hours every day just to have the flavored coffee for life.

Pumpkin spice is more than just a trend. Of those who plan on having pumpkin spice treats this season, 68 percent begin craving the deliciousness of pumpkin spice before the season even hits in September.

But what specific pumpkin spice treats are those who love the flavor excited to have? Of those who plan on having pumpkin spice-flavored foods and drinks, Americans are most excited to get their hands on coffee.

Seventy-seven percent of those who plan on having something pumpkin spice-flavored expect to have it as coffee.

Forty-six percent of those who expect to have something pumpkin spice this fall season will do so in the form of cookie, while a further 45 percent will do so with their cereal.

"Americans really can’t wait until September to enjoy the tastes of fall," said a spokesperson for the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® brand team. "Pumpkin spice is a flavor that many would love to enjoy year-round."

Pumpkin spice isn’t the only thing people look forward to when it comes to fall. The number one thing the respondents revealed excites them about fall was the change in the weather (44 percent).

Other fall favorites that get people jazzed include having football season back (37 percent) going apple picking (23 percent), drinking warm drinks (22 percent) and, of course, Thanksgiving (20 percent).

Source: SWNS/OnePoll


Best Tea Kettles

After coffee, tea is the second most popular and beloved beverage of people all over the world. The variety of types and the intense flavors of the plants make tea the perfect drink for relaxation or for treating several health problems. To make sure you prepare a quality cup of tea each time you are in the mood for the hot, delicious drink, you should use a kettle.  How do you know which one to pick?  Which will work best?  Which is a good value?  The staff at Consumer Reports will help you answer these questions.  They recently review the top 12 kettles and announced these as the top three:


Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

With this electric kettle, you are sure to prepare perfect tasting tea each time as it features 7 preset temperatures for preparing a different type of specialty beverage. You have the Delicate preset, the Green preset, the White preset, the Oolong preset, the Herbal preset, the Black preset, and the French Press preset. It has a generous 1.7-liter capacity, and the 1500 watts of power ensure a fast heat-up time. One of its most useful features is the Keep Warm which keeps the brew warm for up to 30 minutes in case you won’t serve it on the spot.

The water window and indicator let you know is the exact amount of water you have poured inside it is. For added convenience, the power case allows a 360-degree swivel. It features a removable scale filter which ensures the water you use for the preparation process is clean. Another useful feature is the boil-dry protection which starts the heating process only when there is enough water inside it, automatically shutting off when there is no water to protect the heating element. Additionally, to preserve energy, it enters the sleep mode automatically when it hasn’t been used for more than 5 minutes.

Summary:  An electric model that prepares the beverage you yearn for in a matter of minutes, it puts 6 presets at your disposal to pick between, each one perfect for preparing a certain type of tea. This convenience adds to the preparation process combined with its stunning design and multiple features make it an impassable purchase. $99.95


Muller Austria MU-WHISTKET

With a classic design and a tea infuser included, this model is great if you’re looking for a classic whistling tea kettle. It is shiny and sleek yet it is very sturdy and well made. For handling it with ease, the kettle features an ergonomic handle. Both the handle and the lid are resistant to heat. It has a capacity of 11 cups and it can be used on various cooktop types – gas, electric, induction, ceramic, and halogen.

It is stainless steel and the bottom features a 5-layer construction. The first and last layers are made of 18/10 culinary grade stainless steel and the three middle layers are made of aluminum and iron. The stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, the aluminum promotes even and fast heating and keeps it hot for a longer time, while the iron helps retain heat. This combination of materials makes it pretty heavy.

Summary:  Made of safe and durable materials – stainless steel, aluminum, and iron – this model is ideal for large families. The design is very attractive and it is highly resistant to scratches.  $29.96


Cuisinart CTK-SS17 Aura

A classic-looking model which brings a splash of color to any kitchen due to its clean lines and sleek metallic finishes, the CTK-SS17 Aura provides a great manner to prepare your favorite beverage each day. As it features a traditional whistle to announce you when the water has reached the boiling point, there is no need to guess and constantly check on it.

It comes at a great price which makes it one of the more affordable selections to go for. As it boasts a 2-quart capacity, you can make tea for the entire family with it. The handle boasts a round shape that makes it convenient to pick up. Additionally, the material used for the handle’s manufacturing enhances safety as it remains cool, thus no unpleasant incidents being viable.

Summary:  One of the safest models you could use to prepare delicious tea for you and your loved ones, this Cuisinart entry drew our attention as it not only comes at a great price, but it lets out a whistle when the water boils so that you know the brew is done. $24.95



Impossible Burger Investor Bets Big on Bean-Free Coffee

You’ve heard of meatless meat and milkless milk. But would you drink beanless coffee? Zoe Sayler, a writer for Grist, shares some important info…and she knows a “latte”.

Atomo, the company behind the phantom roast, just secured $2.6 million in funding from an early investor in Impossible Foods, the food-tech company behind the Burger King-approved veggie burger that bleeds.

But Atomo’s Frankenbrew is closer to lab-grown meat than to Impossible’s veganized burger: Made from Atomo’s own map of coffee’s molecular makeup, it’s got many of the same chemical compounds you enjoy each morning, derived from secret but supposedly more sustainable sources.

Whether Atomo’s version is actually better for the planet than traditional coffee will depend on where those copycat compounds come from, which we won’t know until the company has settled on a final brew. But if the stuff lives up to the hype, it’s good news for the planet.

Plants often require greenhouse-gas inducing pesticides, and the coffee industry is a notorious contributor to deforestation and labor rights issues. Not to mention that viable land is increasingly scarce — around half of the earth’s coffee-growing land will be unproductive by 2050, according to a report from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture. And with no other place to get our fix, that’ll likely drive even more deforestation as farms move into (and destroy) greener pastures.

But how does it taste? Baristas, get your pitchforks ready. According to Atomo, 21 of the 30 people in a blind taste test at the University of Washington — home of sleep-deprived coffee connoisseurs — picked their brew over Starbucks’ Pike Place Roast, an inoffensive medium-roast that Starbucks calls “the perfect everyday coffee in a cup.” (Uh, where else would you put it?)

Of course, we’ll have to taste it for ourselves and report back when the recipe is finalized — likely some time next year, according to a company spokesperson. But if the Impossible Burger’s rise to ubiquity is any indication, we’ll all be on our Solowheels double-fisting vegan CROISSAN’WICH®es and beanless lattes before you can say “Atomo.”


adidas® Originals Collaborates with Arizona Iced Tea

adidas Originals and AriZona Iced Tea reunite for another dose of summer vibes, with a slew of men’s and women’s collaborative editions, this time turning their attention to the Continental Vulc silhouette and adilette slide.

Comprising 10 shoes in total, the collaboration takes inspiration from AriZona and their four most popular flavors: Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, Lemon, Mucho Mango, and Watermelon. Each shoe is adorned with AriZona’s distinctive branding and constructed from premium materials.

Four iterations of the Continental Vulc model, priced respectively at $90, each pay homage to a different drink flavor. AriZona’s Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey can is applied to a black and turquoise version, constructed from nubuck with embroidered canvas panels. A white, full grain leather edition references AriZona’s Lemon flavor, featuring contrast turquoise elements and finished with all-over embroidered graphics.

AriZona’s Mucho Mango and Watermelon flavors are referenced in yellow and red colorways, respectively. Each features a nubuck and canvas construction, with all-over embroidered graphics referencing the flavor’s original can design.

Next, two women’s-exclusive models, priced at $90 and inspired by Lemon and Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey flavors, lean into AriZona’s iconic color palette. The Lemon iteration contrasts black nubuck with canvas and is printed with a vibrant geometric pattern taken from the can design. A pink and turquoise version references the Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey can – featuring an all-over print of the flavor’s cherry blossom pattern –accented by bright pink nubuck panels.

Each of the adidas Originals by AriZona Continental Vulc models feature collaborative branding details on the tongue and heel tab, as well as four sets of laces and metallic lace tips, and each are finished with a classic vulcanized rubber cup-sole with heel details as well as special edition packaging.

To accompany the shoes, four collaborative colorways of adidas’ iconic adilette slides have also been created, priced respectively at $35, each paying homage to those four flavors. Each slide features graphic details inspired by AriZona’s branding, rounded off with a woven collaborative label on the sockliner.

The adidas Originals by AriZona Continental Vulc sneaker and adilette slide release worldwide on September 1st.


The Mr. Coffee® Brand Introduces New At-Home Pour Over System

This ain’t your mother’s (or grandmother’s) Mr. Coffee pot.  No, sir.  Mr. Coffee continues its nearly 50-year tradition of bringing the coffee-shop experience into the home with the recent launch of Mr. Coffee At-Home Pour Over system.

The Mr. Coffee At-Home Pour Over system takes the guesswork out of pour over coffee with an on-screen step by step guide of the process and an integrated auto-measure scale that calculates the right amount of coffee and water, making a consistently great tasting cup of pour over coffee every time.  And it is getting great reviews, (online, verified purchases).  One reviewer on Amazon called it a “game changer”.

“I have come to love pour over from my local coffee shop but was totally intimidated by the process. This Mr Coffee unit makes it completely idiot proof. It stepped me through the process and out came perfect coffee. Plus it was super entertaining. Now I can have pour over at home whenever I want it.”

“Very easy to use and makes great tasting coffee. Also very nice looking and adds great visual appeal to kitchen.”

“This makes pour over coffee easy! The kettle heats quickly. The scale with the serving size options makes it super easy to make 1, 2, or 3 cups of coffee. Easy to clean. It looks nice sitting on my counter. I would definitely recommend.”

Great coffee does take some time, which seems to be the one thing reviewers didn’t love about this brewer. But if you are willing to have a little patience, the end result can yield a quality and enjoyable cup.

"Pour over coffee tastes amazing, but making it at home can be intimidating. It requires optimal brewing temperatures, precise water-to-coffee ratios and a controlled water flow, not to mention the assortment of gadgets that are typically required," says Justin Crout, brand marketing director, Mr. Coffee. "The Mr. Coffee At-Home Pour Over system not only takes the guesswork out of the process, but also includes everything you need to make a great tasting cup of pour over coffee at home."

Make delicious pour over coffee at home with the Mr. Coffee all in one at home pour over coffeemaker

  • The on screen, step by step guide walks you through the pour over process, so you get the right amount of coffee and water at the optimal brewing temperature for great tasting pour over coffee
  • An integrated auto measure scale automatically calculates the right amount of Coffee and water, so you know just how much to add for the perfect cup of pour over Coffee
  • The temperature-controlled gooseneck kettle heats to the optimal Coffee brewing temperature
  • Cone style brewer allows water to flow evenly through the Coffee grounds to extract the fullest flavor; uses #2 cone pointed filters (sold separately)
  • On screen guide tells you when to pause for blooming, which is soaking of the grounds to extract the fullest flavor (you may even enjoy the flavor of pour over coffee without milk or sugar)
  • Brews 2, 4, or 6 cups of Coffee; set includes dripper, kettle & scale — enjoy home pour over without buying individual pieces
  • Note:  warming plate not included, as extra heating of pour over coffee may make it bitter

The coffeemaker is priced at $139.99 and is available online only at