APRIL 2022


The Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers, According to Pros

On a mission to brew the perfect cup of coffee? Well, you need to look no further than the recommendations in Sophia Gottfried’s info-packed story in Wine Enthusiast magazine.

While there are plenty of ways to make your morning cup of Joe, a single-serve coffee maker might help get you there. After all, making one cup at a time lets you customize it to a tee. And there are no issues with your coffee getting cold or losing flavor sitting in the pot, only to be tossed out and wasted.

Manual single-serve coffee makers—from a French press to a pour-over set-up—allow for maximum personalization. On the other hand, automatic single-serve makers, from drip to those that use coffee pods, are convenient and consistent.
Whichever method works for you and your brew, we asked coffee experts, from café owners to roasters to educators, for their recommendations.

Here are the six best single-serve coffee makers.Keurig

1. Keurig K-Supreme Plus
For electric single-serve coffee makers, Ever Meister, writer and specialty coffee professional, recommends Keurig K-Supreme Plus. “It allows the user to control a number of variables like brew temperature, brew volume and even automatically identifies the type of K-cup you put into it to offer recommendations,” says Meister. “You can learn a lot about what makes good coffee flavor from experimenting with the variables.”

Machines like these, “don’t require a ton of accessories—coffee grinder, coffee beans, scoops and hot water kettles—[which] means they can fit virtually anywhere and will work at the drop of a hat,” says Meister. “Some people just want it brewed and ready to drink, bing-bang-boom.”  $219.99 at Keurig.com

Nespresso2. Nespresso Essenza Mini
Though convenient, “most [electric] single-serve coffee makers don’t achieve high enough temperatures to brew coffee, and nearly all suffer from environmental issues,” with so much waste generated from single-use capsules, explains Christopher Feran, director of coffee at Phoenix Coffee Company in Cleveland, Ohio.

An exception? “Both in terms of quality and end-of-life environmental practices, Nespresso machines are tough to beat,” says Feran, who’s also an independent coffee consultant. Consistent and convenient, Nespresso also offers a free, mail-return capsule recycling program.

You don’t have to just use Nespresso pods, either. Another option is to use a reusable coffee pod, points out Kaleena Teoh, director of education at Coffee Project NY. Fill it up with your favorite coffee, and you won’t have to sacrifice convenience or flavor, says Teoh, who cofounded the minority women-owned coffee company—with its four coffee shops, a roastery and training center—with partner Chi Sum Ngai.  $149 at Amazon.

3. Phin FilterPhin Filter
The phin filter is a brewing tool popular in Vietnam. Sahra Nguyen, founder and CEO of Nguyen Coffee Supply, is such a fan that she created her own to sell on Nguyen Coffee Supply’s website.

“When you brew coffee with something like a phin filter, you can make the perfect amount of coffee each time,” says Nguyen, whose specialty coffee company imports beans directly from Vietnam and roasts them in Brooklyn, New York.

Plus, you avoid wasting the “one to three ounces at the bottom that [typically] gets tossed” when making a larger amount of coffee. There’s no paper filter required, she adds, making it an even more eco-friendly method.

Phin Filter Chart

Nguyen notes phins are also “super versatile—you can brew a highly strong, concentrated cup and you can do a second pour of water to open it up—like when we add water to an espresso shot and it becomes an Americano!”  $15 Nguyen Coffee Supply

Clever Coffee Dripper5. Clever Coffee Dripper
“With great coffee, the customer has an important role to play,” says Philip Anacker, cofounder and managing partner of Flying Goat Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster in Healdsburg, California. “The coffee brewing process is very important if you want to get the most out of your morning cup.”Breville

Anacker brews his morning cup with the Clever Coffee Dripper, “a wonderful combination of full immersion and paper filter brewing,” he says. With the Clever Dripper, “you get complete and even extraction of your coffee, like a French press, with clean sweet flavors and no sediment like filter brewing. You can also easily control steep time for a perfectly brewed cup.”  $36.95 Amazon

6. The Breville Precision Brewer
For Teoh, single-serve means “no more coffee sitting for a prolonged period of time, oxidizing and losing flavor,” as it does so often with bigger batches.

Though she favors manual brewing (her favorite is the Origami Dripper with a resin holder as of late), Teoh can vouch for the quality of the Breville Precision Brewer, which features an array of settings to get a more personalized cup of flavor.
However you brew your single cup, Teoh advises, invest in good quality coffee from your local roaster. “The cup of coffee will only be as good as the ingredients you use to brew it.”  $329.95 at Breville


Six Tea Businesses to Watch in 2022

World Tea News contributor Cody Wade, also known by his blog name, "The Oolong Drunk," has been tea blogger and tea educator for more than five years.  Here’s his watchlist for 2022.

Over the last several years, the tea industry has had a major transformation or “wave,” as more consumers turned to tea for health and wellness reasons.  Now that we're coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many tea companies are hitting the ground running and actively trying to change the tea industry for the better, while gaining the interest of consumers.

These six companies have not only persisted through the last few years, they’ve worked hard to actively bring a positive change to the world of tea. Indeed, they’re all worth paying attention to, as they push the industry forward.

1. Volition Tea

Volition Tea is a new tea company that launched out of Chicago, Ill. It started strong with a business model that allows them to be transparent about honoring both the tea and the tea farmer. Volition Tea is also a woman-ran company, and it quickly garnered the love and attention of the local Chicago tea community, as well as the online global tea community.

While still very young, Volition has become a force in bringing forth social awareness and being inclusive, in addition to providing exceptional teas right out of the floodgate. They’ve also garnered a cult-following and seem to be unstoppable.

2. Karma Tea Company

Karma Tea Company is a woman-owned tea company in London that quickly set a strong standard to redefine what it means to be transparent. While they’ve become popular on social media, Karma Tea proves its boldness of transparency by not only stating the region where the teas are sourced from but also highlighting the exact tea farms they work with – along with a bio and history of each farm.

In addition, the company only sources tea from small producers, and it also provides its teas in packaging that’s fully biodegradable. While bravely redefining what it means to be transparent, the Karma Tea Companies' trajectory is set very high

3. Longleaf Tea Company

Based in Laurel, Miss., Longleaf Tea Company is a rather unique tea company, primarily for its production of Mississippi-Grown tea. After spending more than half a decade of cNepal Teaultivating a tea farm, they were finally able to release their first batch of tea in 2021. After building momentum on social media, they quickly sold out of their first batch after release. With their second-ever harvest to be released soon, keep an eye on them now as they’re set to break into the global tea community on a bigger scale. They’re already a Laurel fan-favorite and they’ve been featured on HGTV.

4. Nepal Tea

Founded in 2016, Nepal Tea broke Kickstarter records in 2017 by receiving support from more than 500 backers. The campaign was the biggest crowdfunding campaign in the organic tea industry at the time. The company is a social enterprise that distributes fresh teas around the world, connecting producers to consumers. They also have a strong mission to give back to the Nepalese community with their own foundation – Nepal Tea Foundation – which gives back to schooling, housing and various charitable efforts in Nepal.

Nepal Tea is clearly setting a great example that tea companies can have humanitarianism as their core-belief system while creating a delicious product.

5. Flowerhead Tea

Flowerhead Tea is a Northern-California based company that’s trying to redefine the tea blend game. This woman-ran and owned company is not only making small-batch tea blends (and even single-origin teas), but they’re also innovative in bringing the fun of blending directly to the consumer.

Flowerhead Tea – which recently competed in the Devan Shah Tea Tycoons competition at the World Tea Conference + Expo 2022 – released two versions of a chai tea kit, where the ingredients of the blend are packaged separately in a box, so the tea drinker can partake in the fun of making blended tea themselves.

While Flowerhead Tea Company launched right before the start of the pandemic, they’re now finally able to promote their products at in-person events like World Tea Expo, and they’re quickly gathering a name for themselves while spreading the love of tea.

6. Kiani Tea

Kiani Tea is a female-owned, London-based tea company that launched in 2020, and it has quickly received some attention. Kiani Tea is not only driven to promote the support of tea farmers, but they also partnered with Eden Reforestation Project – a deforestation project that’s working to plant trees to help rebuild the environment. Outside of assisting with the global climate crisis, they even assisted their local community by running a line of teas, where proceeds were given to the Chinese Community Centre in London’s Chinatown. While they've released a wide variety of tasty teas, Kiani Tea only just started and will continue to go further and further…


Paws For Cause

Let’s see how Companion Coffee Company is helping veterans and first responders one cup at a time.Companion Coffee

Companion Coffee Company is a disabled veteran-owned coffee company dedicated to improving the quality of life for veterans and first responders nationwide. Founded in 2020 by combat veterans Jack Bodolosky and Brandon Casella, Companion Coffee Company was designed to create meaningful and lasting change for the nation's finest. Companion Coffee Company donates 10% of all net profits to Warrior Companion to provide veterans with service animal health care.

Over 50% of Americans over the age of 18 are avid coffee drinkers. Day by day, our nation sees over 150 million people consume coffee, and the daily average per person is around 3 cups. Roughly, up to 450 million cups of coffee are consumed per day in the United States alone, but what if each cup meant giving back to a good cause? Companion Coffee Company, the disabled combat veteran-owned coffee company is proud to announce that they will be donating 10% of net proceeds to Warrior Companion, the nonprofit dedicated to providing veterans and first responders with pet insurance for their service animals.

Companion Coffee Products

CompanCompanion Coffee Bagion Coffee Company just made every American's morning cup of coffee that much sweeter. Imagine sipping that first taste of morning coffee knowing that a difference has been made to provide healthcare for the most loyal, kindest, and compassionate companions in the world — service dogs. The cultivation of love in action, Companion Coffee Company is wholeheartedly dedicated to making the world a better, more equitable place for our nation's heroes.  Companion Coffee Company's best-selling Golden Blend is made from 3 different origins – Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Colombia to yield the most flavorful and aromatic coffee on the market.

Coming to Sam's Club May 1, 2022, Companion Coffee Company produces the finest and smoothest premium coffee that serves the betterment of humanity one cup at a time. Sourced from the finest supplier in the world, Companion Coffee is not the average cup of Joe. Hand roasted with care, Companion Coffee yields an unparalleled taste that is easy on the wallet, and good for the soul.

The soon-to-be-released Heroes Blend will also benefit Warrior Companion, and each new blend will support various like-minded causes to benefit veterans, first responders, and their families.  Well-packaged, specially made, and healthy for the body, Companion Coffee Company is empowering the average American to give back through daily habits that require little to no effort, yet yield a life-changing reward for one in need. Everyday Americans have up to 450 million opportunities to make a difference, Companion Coffee is bridging the gap between opportunity and lasting change.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for veterans and first responders, Companion Coffee Company's purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

Click here to learn more about Companion Coffee Company.  Featuring various blends designed to support various like-minded charities and non-profits, Companion Coffee Company is helping Americans give back one cup at a time.


Sutter Home Vineyards Taps into Tea and Lemonade Trends with New Wine Cocktails

Sutter Home Family Vineyards today announced the brand's expansion into the ready-to-drink category with Sweet Tea, Peach Tea and Lemonade Wine Cocktails. The three offerings bring trending tea and lemonade flavors to the wine category and tap into the $413 million wine-based cocktail market1. The 7.5 percent ABV lineup is now available nationwide in 187mL four-packs and 750mL bottles for $8 SRP and 1.5L bottles for $13 SRP.

"We're delighted to announce this fan-inspired addition to our family of wines," said Jennifer Hohman, director of marketing for Sutter Home. "Our tea and lemonade recipes made a big splash on social media, and we knew we were onto something. With that inspiration in mind, we crafted these deliciously sweet wines with real lemonade, tea and peach flavors to deliver on that need with our porch-perfSutter Home Wine Cocktailsect traditional wine packaging."

These new twists on America's favorite summertime libations are as flavorful as they are refreshing. 

Sutter Home Sweet Tea mixes sweet white wine with smooth, natural tea flavors in this southern-inspired beverage. With a hint of lemon, Sutter Home Sweet Tea is a bright accompaniment perfect for front-porch happy hours, barbeque pork sliders and homemade potato salad.

Sutter Home Lemonade brings beautiful aromas of real lemon that lead into sweet wine and tart lemonade flavors that are sure to brighten up any day. Sunshine in a bottle, it's prime for poolside hangouts and cold summer salads.

Sutter Home Peach Tea brims with flavors of juicy, fresh-picked peach that are balanced by natural black tea and sweet white wine. When paired with salty snacks and fresh fruit salad, Peach Tea professes pure nostalgia.

Sutter Home's move into ready-to-drink wine cocktails is backed by the numbers in addition to calls from consumers. Ready-to-drink tea is a $6.1 billion category and growing2, hard tea has generated $289 million in sales in the past year3, and sweet tea is the most popular flavor within all flavored teas4. Lemonade shares tea's steep trajectory; hard lemonade sales reached $1.1 billion this past year, growing 80 percent5. Lemonade is also the most popular ready-to-drink cocktail flavor5. Together, all three offerings are positioned to grow the category as Americans twist off the top and pour them over ice to embrace a taste of summer.

From the original White Zinfandel to the all-new wine cocktails family, Sutter Home has risen to meet consumer demand with delicious innovations for nearly 75 years. For more information on Sutter Home Wine Cocktails and what's next for the family-owned brand, visit www.SutterHome.com.


Where NFTs and Specialty Coffee Collide

How a Coffee Company Sees NFTs as the Future of the Industry…

Coffee Bros. announced the expansion of their NFT projeCrypto Baristasct, Crypto Baristas, with a Season 2 release in late May of 2022.  Crypto Baristas Season 1 was a 455-piece NFT art collection that gave owners caffeinated perks for life, like discounts on the Coffee Bros. website and redemptions at their soon to open café in NYC.

Crypto Baristas started as a small fundraising effort by Coffee Bros. but has since turned into a much larger initiative in the space.

Owner Dan Hunnewell sees NFTs as highly impactful to specialty coffee and considers their project as pavinga pathway for other roasters in this space.

Dan sees their progression in the space in three main areas where the Crypto Baristas project will look to impact:

Consumer-led initiatives: The Crypto Baristas Season 1 project started as a Consumer-led initiative. ConBaristas Call outsumer-led initiatives are where NFTs are tied to perks for a holder to access, such as redemption for future encounters with the brand. Dan sees Crypto Baristas being the eventual key to unlocking additional consumer-led perks by partnering with other roasteries across the country.  "We see Crypto Baristas at the early stages of becoming a global asset that can unlock perks at your favorite roasteries worldwide."  Dan wants to partner with other roasteries where holders can redeem similar perks online and in person.

Producer-led initiatives: Producer-led initiatives are one area where we are looking to impact for Season 2, says Dan. We see producer-led initiatives as the ability to invest in the people, process, and the production behind all the specialty coffee we consume. Price transparency also falls under this initiative and rewarding/supporting producers both monetarily and through direct investment. The goal is to be better at telling the story of the producer in a more engaging way for consumers, whether that is through direct interaction (at our café) or through something digital (think Metaverse).

Supply chain-led initiatives: Crypto Baristas' long-term goal is to impact the supply chain where roasters can better track where raw goods are derived from, down to the individual farm or washing station. They see NFTs as the vehicle to track and validate coffee from production to roastery, ultimately leading to price transparency on a global scale.

Crypto Baristas is a carbon-neutral NFT project that offsets its carbon emissions through Nori.com. Additional initiatives that impact the environment include Crypto Baristas' planting 2,200 trees in coffee-producing countries with One Tree Planted.  Learn more about the Crypto Baristas' caffeine-fueled mission by visiting: www.cryptobaristas.com


Panera is the First National Restaurant Company to offer Unlimited Sip Club

Earlier this month, Panera announced the launch of Unlimited Sip Club, the first-ever nationwide unlimited beverage subscription for all self-serve beverages.

For $10.99 per month (plus tax), Panera is expanding its industry-disrupting unlimited coffee subscription to incorporate the entire Panera portfolio of self-serve beverages, including hot and iced coffee, hot and iced teas (regular, Sweet Tea* and Passion Papaya Green Iced Tea), Agave Lemonade, Pepsi-Cola fountain beverages, and Panera's newly launched Charged Lemonades. Guests who sign up for the Unlimited Sip Club from today through May 6 will receive a free subscription through July 4**.Panera drinks

"At Panera, we believe in making great food experiences accessible to all—we're disrupting fast casual once again, providing unlimited access to high-quality beverages at tremendous value—just $10.99 a month," said Niren Chaudhary, CEO, Panera Bread.  "Our guests have loved the subscription model and the convenience and value it brings to their daily lives.  From our new Charged Lemonades to our fan favorite Passion Papaya Green Iced Tea to bubly™ Lime from PepsiCo, we're excited to give our guests even more choice and more beverage options to fuel their day."

Unlimited Sip Club is available to members of MyPanera®, Panera's free loyalty program. MyPanera members can register today for the subscription via the Panera websitemobile app and kiosk and unlimited self-serve beverages are just an order away.  In total, 26 beverages are now part of Unlimited Sip Club, including:

      • Drip Hot Coffee (100% Colombian Light Roast & Dark Roast, Decaf, Hazelnut)
      • Iced Coffee (100% Colombian Dark Roast)
      • Hot Tea (The Republic of Tea premium teas and herbs, including: British Breakfast, Earl Greyer, Mango Ceylon, Ginger Peach, Honey Ginseng Green, and Orange Ginger Mint Herb)
      • Iced Tea & Lemonade (Black Iced Tea, Sweet Tea*, Passion Papaya Green Tea, Agave Lemonade)
      • Fountain Soda (Pepsi®, Diet Pepsi®, Mountain Dew®, Sierra Mist®, bubly™ Lime, Brisk® Raspberry Tea, Dr Pepper®, and Canada Dry® Ginger Ale)
      • Charged Lemonades (Fuji Apple Cranberry, Mango Citrus Yuzu, and Strawberry Lemon Mint)

Panera self-serve beverages are available nationwide in Panera bakery-cafes, on Panera's e-commerce site, and via the Panera app. The new Unlimited Sip Club subscription is available for $10.99 per month plus tax and includes one self-serve beverage every two hours during regular bakery-cafe hours, including free refills at participating U.S. Panera Bread bakery-cafes. Guests who sign up for the Unlimited Sip Club from today through May 6 will receive a free subscription through July 4.

For more information, or to sign up for the Unlimited Sip Club, visit www.panerabread.com/unlimitedsipclub or download the Panera app.

*Available only in select markets
**restrictions apply. Click here for details.